• Columbia State Community College commemorate Constitution Day

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    Published: Sep 26, 2017
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    Sunday, September 17th was Constitution Day here in America. To commemorate this each year, Columbia State Community College History Professor Barry Gidcomb holds an annual presentation about the Constitution. This year’s presentation at the Columbia campus was focused specifically on the First Amendment. Afterwards, our Shaun Crist spoke with Professor Barry Gidcomb:

    Gidcomb says this came about because the Columbia State Community College is actually obligated to host these annual presentations.
    Each year Professor Barry Gidcomb selects a different topic that is relevant to current issues in Washington.
    Gidcomb says that he believes it’s important that the public & members of the press become familiar with their First Amendment rights.
    During his presentation this week, Professor Gidcomb concentrated on a court case from 1733 from colonial New York, between a corrupt British Governor and a New York magazine printer, who was sued for libel. However, the jury sided with the printer in what became a bedrock verdict for freedom of the press in the United States.  Professor Gidcomb summarized the jury’s sentiment in that case with the following phrase,
    “It’s not libel if it’s the truth.”

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